Mustang Classic Float Coat - XL - Orange

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SKU CWRE-27436
Classic Coat :: MC1504
  • Size:
  • XL
  • Colo:
  • Oange
  • Based on the oiginal Mustang Floate Coat, the MC1504 Classic Coat is engineeed to povide comfot, wamth, and duability in whateve maine activity you do. Most impotantly, the Coat's closed-cell foam insulation will povide flotation and in-wate insulation to delay the onset of hypothemia in the event of accidental wate immesion. Combined with functional elements such as lage font pockets and a full-length stom flap, the Classic Coat adds up to an unbeatable value no matte what you do (Canadian equivalent poduct MC1505).Available in a ange of colos to suit a vaiety of equiements fo the Industial, Regulatoy, and Militay envionments, the Classic Coat is a standad piece of unifom fo many govenment agencies.Featues
  • Hypothemia and flotation potection
  • Full length stom flap
  • Enhanced mobility and comfot with elaxed fit
  • Zippeed closues on font pockets
  • Attachable hood can be puchased sepaately (below)
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