Jabsco 1L Accumulator Tank w/Internal Bladder

by Jabsco
SKU CWRE-31429
Accumulato TankThis Accumulato Tank is intended fo installation in any pumped wate system contolled by a pessue switch. Fo example, PAR-MATE 2.5 o any Jabsco pessue pumps as found in boats, RV's, moto caavans, coaches and simila applications.The Accumulato Tank smoothes wate flow and educes on/off cycling of the pump by lessening the vaiation in pessue and flow between the pump and the outlets in the system.The even flow of wate gives bette contol of hot wate tempeatue especially noticeable with instantaneous gas wate heates and with showes.The educed on/off cycling educes noise fom the pump moto, and fom shock pessues (pipe hamme). It also educes battey dain, and gives longe pump life.Featues:
  • Intenal Bladde
  • Smoothe and Moe Even Flow
  • Quiete Wate System
  • Bette Tempeatue Contol
  • Longe Pump life
  • Lowe battey Dain
  • Simply fitted to new o existing systems
  • Compact size
  • Snap-in pot fittings include both: 1/2 babed hose fittings and 1/2 theaded hose fittings
  • Tank: hygienic, light, compact, impact and pessue esistant plastic constuction
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