Dorm Room Ready Our Top 10 College Essentials

The average college student will spend $3,184 per year to furnish their dorm room. That adds up to much more than a couple of posters from the campus bookstore. Making the transition from high school student to college co-ed does take planning. But costs can be controlled with creativity and communication.

A dorm room needs functionality first. With a plan in place before even the first desk lamp is purchased, money can be saved by avoiding items that don’t fit the budget, room size or theme.

A dorm room is a college student’s haven; it serves many purposes beyond sleep and study. The best way to assure that it will meet and exceed all the functions is to establish a color group and theme.

Color is often the most difficult decision. By choosing a color or finding inspiration from a pillow, painting, nature, etc. the entire room can be designed and unified. Once this decision is narrowed down, visit a paint store for paper color card samples. Keep the samples handy when shopping.

The theme is the next choice. Any decorating magazine is a starting point to find a style that conveys the mood. Shabby chic? The Simpsons? Architectural? Even in a tiny room these elements can make a big difference.

Armed with a color and theme preference, it is time to start shopping. The big three, walls, windows and floors are the place to start.